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Masking and Protection Preparation

One of the first steps PGC Building + Design takes in any construction project, particularly when the home owner is living amongst the renovation, is the project preparation. Remodels often take place in a segregated portion of the house and where home owners will choose to occupy a separate part of the home during the process. This further instigates the necessity of meticulous prep and masking for dust management.  PGC takes great pride in our superior quality of work. Masking and preparation are no exception to this standard. In fact, we take every precaution possible to ensure that you and your family are as comfortable and unaffected through the renovation process as possible. These aspects also play a key role in maintaining the condition of existing finishes which is why we invest in high quality tapes that will not damage existing texture finishes or paint coats, high grade floor guards, zipper sealed barriers that prevent debris from escape from unseen gaps, and our professionals will work around your expectation of traffic flow throughout the home. 

New builds are much simpler for the fact that there is generally little to protect in terms of existing furniture and finishes however, there is still a significant amount to take into consideration through this stage of the project. When you commit to building a new, custom home, PGC is mutually committing to you. Our superior craftsmanship is a guaranteed and this begins with quality materials that speak to the integrity of your home. In order to ensure that the materials used are of the highest quality, they have to be will maintained through the entire process. For this reason, we pay special attention to protecting the bare materials of your home from expected or unforeseen weather with protective layers. Windows, cabinets, and appliances are kept safe in weather controlled environments to prevent warping and rust. No matter the situation, keeping a clean, organized, and well maintained setting makes the home building or renovation process comfortable for all involved. 

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