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Basement Renovation

Updated: May 9, 2018

The basement is a versatile space. Depending on personal preference, it can be used as a playroom, wine room, or as an additional living space, just to name a few. The options are endless! Another great aspect about renovating your basement is that you can play with the different styles and décor. It’s almost natural to step into the basement and expect a dramatic change. Perhaps your home is classic farmhouse style, but you’ve always loved the industrial trend. Take advantage of your basement and turn it into the urban space of your dreams with rich, rustic woods and exposed steel beams.

Another avenue is to turn your basement into a retreat of any sort. If family gatherings are your main priority, this is the perfect open space to create a play area for all of the little ones. If it’s more ideal for the adults to have an entertainment area, consider a bar and pool table. Wine connoisseurs can also use the basement as the perfect, climate controlled environment complete with a tasting table. Or, you may have a live-in family member who prefers more privacy. The basement can be utilized as a fully livable space complete with a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom(s).

Sometimes, homeowners don’t immediately recognize the potential of their basement because of what already exist or is lacking. Lighting is a major factor. Because basements don’t have natural light, they can initially lack appeal, but once appropriate lighting, fresh paint, and personal touch is applied, this room can easily become the main gathering area of the home. We at PGC Building + Design love the challenge of making any space new. 

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