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Professional Painting

Fresh paint is the quickest way to transform any room. Over time, the color and vibrancy of your home’s paint will naturally dull. A fresh coat of high quality paint will bring your walls back to life. If your goal is to make a change to your home’s all around “feel”, a new color scheme will surely deliver. Though many of us often see paint as an easy DIY opportunity, there are some topics to first consider.

Preparation - Painting your home offers instant gratification. Unfortunately, lack of preparation, masking, and taping will heavily reflect on your finished product. Professional painters have many tools at their disposal. High quality paint sprayers allow for a smooth, seamless finish. A primer coat is also key to ensure that color is even and that the selected primary coat has a surface to stick to. Without primer, paint will easily peel and chip. Primer paint may also need to be tinted to cover up or balance the desired outcome. Masking and taping is another aspect that is often overlooked. Clean, crisp lines are vital to a flawless finish. A significant amount of effort and time is invested by a professional painter to ensure that all objects in the home are protected from paint splatter and that all tape lines are evenly applied to trim.

Trim Pieces & Doors – When paint is the task at hand, most homeowners focus on primary colors and accent walls. Though these decisions are important, the trim and door colors can make a significant impact. Do you want your trim and doors to blend with the primary wall color or would you like a stark contrast? Does white trim most appeal to you or natural wood? This is another area high quality paint tools come into play. Doors and trim are notoriously difficult to work with as the smooth surface often exposes brush lines or roller strokes. A professional’s paint sprayer will deliver a smooth, even finish.

Paint Quality & Finish – High quality paint is one of the best investments any homeowner can make. Though most hardware stores distribute reliable, mid-grade paint, PGC Building + Design often repairs most DIY paint jobs after only a few years, simply because these paint brands have a shorter lifespan. High quality paint straight from manufacturer can double the paint life you would typically get out of any hardware store brand. Paint finishes such as satin, flat, gloss, semi-gloss, is also a vital component to consider. Kitchens and bathrooms vastly differ from bedrooms and trim in terms of the appropriate paint finish

Whether your aim is to rejuvenate your home’s color or make a dramatic change, rely on a professional to deliver a flawless finished product.  

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Sep 19, 2023

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