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Tile and backsplash

One of the more exciting parts of any custom remodel or build is the design element. When provided with a blank canvas, it can be easy to imagine how beautiful your space will soon be but executing your concept requires meticulous planning. This is one of PGC building + design’s areas of expertise.

Tile and backsplashes are very popular in many areas of the home. From floors, showers, to fire places, and backsplashes, you will often find tile as the preferred surface. The color, texture, and finish options are endless. No matter your personal style, you can have the contemporary, rustic, traditional, or modern style of your dreams. When you think of your floor to ceiling shower, do you think large marble tiles with beautiful veining for a grand feel, or do you envision ceramic subway tiles for a more traditional feel? There are also glass, granite, porcelain, travertine, and many other types of tiles to choose from. Next comes the pattern in which your tiles are set. If you want to take a modern approach, straight lay or diagonal pattern may be the most appealing. If you are looking for something sleek yet not so straight lined, “brick patterned” may be more appealing. You could also choose a busier, more advanced tile patterns such as herringbone or versailles.  Once you have your tiles and their patterns planned, you can start to play with grout colors. The most common decision is to choose a grout that best matches and blends with the color of your tile but sometimes, tiles can be enhanced by a contradictory grout. Many who are looking for a farmhouse feel go with white subway tiles and charcoal colored grout to give off a more rustic feel. There’s always the option to customize and special order your grout color. Looking to make a statement? Reds, greens, and blues are an option.

PGC Building + Design will always have your personal style in mind. Sometimes it can be difficult to explain exactly what it is you picture in your mind. That’s not a problem. This is why we enlist some of the most talented designers in Central Oregon. They know the kinds of questions to ask to really understand the direction you want to take. Together, we come up with a plan that will be both functional and custom designed, just for you. 

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