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The Garage

There is an area of the home that is used daily and could be considered the unsung hero of the home. This space is the garage. Here in Central Oregon, we are gifted with all four seasons. Though we take full advantage of our weather schedule with hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing, we also appreciate the option of getting into our vehicle sheltered from the snowfall or rain. Many of us also rely on our garage to keep our “out of season items” and tangible memories safe. As seasons change, so do our home decorations. As our children grow, so do their art projects and medals of accomplishments. These are things we don’t discard but instead, store away to make room for the current happenings of the home. This is also the perfect space to hold our outdoor toys like mountain bikes, paddle boards, and skis.

PGC Building + Design can help you renovate or build a garage that will perfectly match your lifestyle. Some prefer the garage to lead into a mud room inside of the home so that you can drop boots and jackets at the door while others elect the garage entry to lead into a laundry room or perhaps even be detached with a cobblestone pathway to home entry. Do you envision a customized rack system for your bikes, kayaks, and snowboards? What about your tools? Homeowners often overlook how useful a work bench and easily accessible outlets are. There are also many other features to consider for customization such as lighting, cabinetry, and shelving. You can also use the garage doors as a statement piece with rustic wood, industrial steal, frosted glass, or a sleek aluminum.  Just because this space is mainly used for its functionality doesn’t mean it has to suffer in athletics. PGC Building + Design takes great pride in our design process and team. We will always make sure your preferences are our priority. Our goal is to create functional spaces that are also beautiful, inviting, and one of a kind.   

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