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Choosing Pieces that Work Together

If you think of a space as a blank canvas, especially in a new house, the possibilities can be overwhelming. This is especially true when forgoing the help of a professional. With the stroke of a keyboard and the power of the internet, we can easily find “exactly what we’re looking for” and head straight to the closest home store. But once we arrive and are surrounded by the endless options, the exciting home project becomes a tedious mental game. Does this match my mantle? Should I change my mantle? How wide are my windows? Choosing a theme or single key object to work around can be a good starting point. If your featured object is very busy or colorful, think about building on that with neutral pieces that don’t crowd each other or clash. Is it classic? Clean and modern? Rustic? Does it fit in with the rest of the home, or at least transition smoothly into connected spaces? Wall color and flooring should also be taken into consideration.

For some, taking all of these aspects into consideration at once comes easy. We usually call these people, designers. With a little bit of planning and creativity, that intimidating space will soon be filled with all the details that makes your house feel like home. Though decorating on your own can be an exciting project, many find that they purchased too many items that don’t work well together and either reinvest in more trinkets (costing more money) or settle for a mediocre finish. Instead, making the decision to invest in a designer can leave you with a stunning finish for a relatively small investment. This is why PGC Building + Design works with a designer to personally craft your space, renovation, or custom home. Our trusted designers will always work directly with us and the home owner to ensure a personalized, custom result. 

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