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Updated: May 9, 2018

When customizing a kitchen, the homeowner has the exciting opportunity to pick out new appliances. Placement of your new kitchen components can vastly open up your styling options and the appliance’s finish can set the tone for the kitchen’s feel. Stainless steel is one of the most popular choices for many homeowners as it gives a sophisticated look while remaining versatile, even in a rustic setting. Another trend that has grown in popularity is paneled appliances. Since the refrigerator is generally the largest appliance in the kitchen, paneling the doors and blending the handles can streamline the room and keep your eye from focusing on this feature. On the opposite end of the spectrum, some like to show off their refrigerator’s contents of leafy greens and storage organization with glass doors.

When a homeowner customizes their kitchen, options are endless. Some desire a full range with an attached oven to conserve counter space and minimize travel from stove top to oven, while others prefer of a cooktop recessed into the center island with double ovens mounted alongside the cabinetry. Other items not to be forgotten are the dishwasher and microwave. While the dishwasher has mirrored options to the refrigerator in terms of paneling and finish, the microwave’s place in the kitchen has far evolved. Log gone are the days of the microwave having to take up your counter space. Instead, it can now be found mounted above the range, hidden in an island cubby, or placed in a concealed cabinet.

PGC Building + Design knows that more often than not, the kitchen is where families and friends gather which is why we take great pride in our knack for design. It is our mission to guarantee that your kitchen is perfectly matched to your lifestyle whether this means homework with the kids while whipping up a quick meal, card games at the island while a lasagna is in the oven, or a professional grade space for multicourse meal preparation. With PGC Building + Design, you can rest assured that design, concept, and functionality are only some of our greatest strengths in home building and renovation. 

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