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Recessed Shelving

Updated: May 9, 2018

Recessed shelving is growing in popularity for many reasons. A major factor is that ample storage is created without losing space as you would with a bookshelf, cabinet, or table. All your trinkets, books, and art can neatly sit on display without competing for square footage.

One of the most common areas we see recessed shelving, is the bathroom. Particularly in smaller bathrooms or powder rooms, storage space can be scarce. This is where the ever-popular recessed medicine cabinet comes into play, concealing all of you your frequently used but not so beautiful items such as toothpaste, floss, and medicine bottles. Sinking this concealed cabinet into the hollow space behind drywall leaves a clean look and ousts the issue of bumping into a protruding shelf. This approach can also be used in any area that may be considered “dead space” and neatly hold small items such as candles, towels, and magazines.

Another way recessed shelving is being artfully implemented is by using it to frame in focal points of the home, such as the fireplace or staircase. Displaying your books on either side of the fireplace is a beautiful way to show off your collection while practically storing such items. This is also a great option for kids rooms as they often have many miscellaneous possessions that they want to access regularly while the adults of the home would rather keep said items up off of the floor. Additionally, let’s not forget about the study or office where we can display awards and precious photos without cluttering the desk.

Regardless of personal style, all homes require storage which is why PGC Building + Design presents creative options for maximizing your space.

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