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Unique Doors for Everyday Spaces

One of the more exciting parts of any custom remodel or build is the design element. When provided with a blank canvas, it can be easy to imagine how beautiful your space will soon be but executing your concept requires meticulous planning. This is one of PGC building + design’s areas of expertise.Gorgeous is an adjective that we rarely use for doors. After all, when you are considering closets and cabinets the biggest concern is usually reserved for the contents and organization. But if you are looking for an interesting way to jazz up a mundane space, a unique door makes a great feature without taking up any additional space. If you choose carefully, a door can be as much of a conversation starter as a lovely piece of art. Options for this intriguing upgrade range from texture and color to framing and size. There are endless possibilities when you take functionality and design into consideration. This opportunity isn’t only reserved for your entry door, think mud rooms, pantries, and garage doors! Have you ever considered making a real statement and using a vibrant color for your front door? Want to bring a little of your love for the rustic outdoors? A sliding barn door is perfect for satisfying this idea. Imaging a sleek bay door inside that conceals the laundry room. Want to get extra bold and impressive? Well, we all love a set of beautiful French doors but imagine taking the idea of the bay door and opening your entire kitchen, living room, or family room to the great outdoors with the pull of a lever. PGC Building + Design has trusted and established relationships with many local artisans in Central Oregon to make your greatest dreams come true. When you trust your vision to professional with a unique flare in design and proven quality of craftsmanship, you can rest easy knowing even your door will make a statement. 

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