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"Everything but the kitchen sink"

We’ve all heard the expression “everything but the kitchen sink”, which originated during World War two when everything was being donated to the war effort… except for that much used, underappreciated porcelain basin in the kitchen. And what would a kitchen be without its sink?  There are so many delightful options available for sinks these days that choosing can be a bit overwhelming. While sinks are a splendid way to add a bit of personal flair to a kitchen, keep in mind the functional value that your personal kitchen use requires. Will you be cooking regularly for a large group and need a deep single basin sink in a nice durable material for that big spaghetti pot? Hate cleaning around the edges of your current sink? Consider an undermount and avoid ever having to worry about it! Think carefully and talk about your options with a designer, because deciding on a sink is often the first and most important step in establishing a new kitchen design. 

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