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Environmentalism in Renovation

As scientific advances continue in the realm of home building and renovation it is becoming increasingly affordable to ensure that your home is doing its part to reduce environmental impact. Running the furnace or air conditioner less are just some of many steps that can be taken on a daily effort to combat independent energy consumption but there are also other avenues. Investing in high grade spray insulation can significantly increase temperature retention while also dramatically decreasing your utility bill. Energy efficient, dual pane windows will also offer optimal temperature regulation and leave you with the option to bring in a cool, fresh breeze at will. When you renovate any space or home, you are given the unique opportunity to get behind the visible walls and fancy appliances and make upgrades to the unsung heroes of the home such as proper electrical wiring, well routed plumbing, and structural integrity. There are also major appliances to consider such as tankless water heaters that only heat the water you use, when you need it. These aspects lead to a more efficient, environmentally friendly home. There’s also never been a better time to consider renewable energy upgrades such as solar panels. These minor upgrades add up to a significant difference for your energy consumption and the planet’s wellbeing.

At PGC Building + Design, we keep aesthetics in mind. Just because you are putting the environment first, doesn’t mean your space must sacrifice in the areas of beauty or functionality. In fact, this is where we can show off our creative flare. We think outside the box, behind the walls, and in the crevices. Hidden utility closets, flush finishes, and chic appliances are only some of the many creative options we utilized. With a little help, we can work together to create the perfect home that compliments your style while remaining aware of mother earth.  

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