Communication and Project Management

When you decide to make the commitment to a major remodel or to build a custom home, the project will heavily rely on the details. The idea of having a new, beautifully crafted home is very exciting. You can let your imagination run wild in the areas of color, texture, storage, countertops, and furnishings. The endless options for customization are thrilling. We understand that the “feeling” and functionality of your home are likely top priorities. PGC Building + Design wants you to be able to look forward to how much light your large bay windows will let in through the spring, how the fireplace will crackle and keep you warm through the winter, and how your spa-like master bath will offer an overwhelming sense of relaxation. When it comes to executing such desires, PGC Building + Design will step in to make those dreams come to life. To do this, communication is key.

PGC Building + Design invests in advanced project management software that allows us to communicate with you in real time, upload photos, and edit those photos with drawings and measurements. We also provided you with a private online portal and a project website. From your portal, both you and PGC Building + Design can make selections on anything from appliances, to paint, to flooring, to cabinets. We are also able to upload progress photos, live chat, and keep a log of completed and upcoming stages of your project. In addition, many of our sub-contractors and suppliers are also connected, so they can take your customized space into account. This is a very useful checks-and-balances bonus that helps prevent oversight in the small details. Your website allows you to navigate through your project as if you are on site.

Want to take a look into your bathroom, kitchen, or garage? There’s a tab for that. You can also view your project’s schedule so that you know what’s coming up or add to the schedule when you have an event of your own to contribute. Every homeowner is also provided with direct phone numbers to our team and assigned a dedicated Project Manager. PGC Building + Design wants you to know that your satisfaction is our priority and we believe effective communication is the foundations of success. 

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